Engineering, Design and Consultation

engineering and reverse engineeringGBSA engineers design elastomer, metal, plastic and ceramic solutions for custom-engineered and standard components throughout a wide range of fluid sealing applications.

Standard components can include the v-seal, o-rings and metal stampings. These products are typically taken directly from your print, manufactured at either our Asian or European facility, inspected and delivered to your plant. This process takes full advantage of our lengthy relationship with our partners and provides you the best delivery at the lowest possible cost.

GBSA engineers can also design or reverse-engineer a custom product. After reviewing the specifications of size, shape and tolerance, they carefully analyze the properties and dynamics to select the right material for your application. GBSA knows the temperature, pressure and chemical compatibility of every material in their arsenal, so when they make a seal, ring or rubber/metal compound, you know it will work.

GBSA Multi-lip Seal

The GBSA Multi Lip Seal is designed and engineered to be used in harsh conditions for many different industries applications including agricultural, steel mill and paper pulp.