Just-In-Time Inventory Management System

just in time inventoryGBSA Introduces a Just-In-Time Inventory Management System, Providing Buyers With Better Control, Lower Cost and a Six-Month Supply of Product.

Just-In-Time inventory service is a reduced-cost methodology for ordering and tracking inventory shipments and allows customers to run day-to-day operations easily and efficiently.

J-I-T is an in-house stocking program that is unique for every customer and guarantees a six-month supply of all products in the program. For any order, even one that’s unanticipated, GBSA has the stock available on-hand to deliver any product Just-In-Time. And, with the help of GBSA, each customer can determine their total-usage for a six-month period making their job easier and ensuring they get precisely what they need.

Because of the order size, Just-In-Time inventory permits the customer to take advantage of better up-front pricing with no additional sales tax on stocked items. But the biggest customer savings is reduced warehouse space that comes from a smaller amount of inventory.

Using a set of computer programs (or a compiler), GBSA helps to “manage” customer inventory. Each day, GBSA checks to see what products are in-stock at a customers location and replenishes them from their in-house inventory or places an order to re-manufacture the merchandise.

The benefits of Just-In-Time are evident on all sides. Because the customer is buying in bulk, their cost is reduced significantly, they’ve reduced their warehouse space and GBSA can ship products Just-In-Time. Meanwhile, GBSA has a reliable stock of inventory, fewer stock outs and quicker replenishment.