Specialty Services

vulcanizing v-sealsIn-house Vulcanizing

Vulcanization is a process where rubber is modified by crosslinking individual polymer chains using heat and chemical additives. If your v-seal is not in stock we can vulcanize small or large diameters to meet your immediate needs. Turnaround is fast, usually 1-5 days depending on your order size.

Custom Coatings are available on nearly all products metal or rubber and they include: Powder coatings, yellow dichromate, clear or grey zinc, anti-friction, Teflon® and more.

GBSA provides custom, in-house testing, first product approvals, failure testing and mountains of documentation.

GBSA can manufacture oddly shaped product from really exotic materials.

Kitting & Custom Packaging are available to provide GBSA customers with a faster receipt of goods and a reduction in downtime.

Global SourcingGlobal Sourcing

GBSA works hand-in-hand with resources all over the world. From those who specialize in consumer products to those who excel in electric motors & pumps, we can provide the products you need precisely when you need them.

Each resource is ISO certified so you can count on unsurpassed quality and delivery. And, as a GBSA customer, YOU are our first concern when it comes to giving you an unparalleled product at an incomparable price.